What is a Missional Community?

Missional Communities are the small group ministry of The Refuge Church. They consist of small groups of people pursuing the engagement of their homes, neighborhoods, and city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The way we will accomplish this is in three parts:

1. Gathering as brothers and sisters in Christ at Family Meals.

2. Gathering as disciples at Life Groups.

3. Gathering as missionaries in our city at "Third Places"

How We Live On Mission

Family Meals

Our hope is that your missional community will develop into an extended family environment and one way we want to do that is through family meals. At family meals, we want members to use this time to eat, pray, and share life experiences with fellow church members and outside guests. We want our missional communities regularly partake in family meal each month because it's a regular practice for most families.

Life Groups

For those who desire to "go deeper" into the bible, we have what we call Life Groups at The Refuge Church. We want our missional communities to gather at Life Groups with the purpose of studying the bible, obeying what we have learned, confessing sins to one another, and praying for opportunities to share Christ with our city. Our hope is that these groups will not only deepen your knowledge of scripture, but also help you spur one another on to obey God's Word.

Third Places

At The Refuge Church, we want our missional communities to intentionally create a time and place for our non-Christian friends to become a part of our community. We want our missional communities to create a neutral space that isn't a Sunday worship service so that non-Christian friends can see and relate to Christians in a relaxed environment and possibly be drawn to learn more about God's love for people. 

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